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01 EID-UL-FITR Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

01 Hazrat Imam Muhammad Bin Ismail Bukhari (Radi Allah Anhu) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

01 Hazrat Imam Shirfuddin Boseri (Radi Allah Anhu) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

01 Hazrat Imam Fakhruddin Razi(Rehmatullahalaih) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

05 Hazrat Sheikh Muslihuddin Saadi (Rehmatullahalaih) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

05 Urs of Makhdoom Yahya Maneri(Rehmatullahalaih) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram India

06 Syed Taajuddeen Abdur Razzak Baghdadi(Rehmatullahalaih) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram Baghdad shareef

06 Urs of Hazrat Khawaja usman Harooni(Radi Allah Anhu) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

07 Hazrat Sayyedena Owais Qarani(Radi Allah Anhu) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

07 Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Dhelwi Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

10 Wiladat of A'la Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan(Rehmatullahalaih) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram Bareilly   Shareef

15 Hazrat Syedana Hamza(Radi Allah Anhu) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

15 Shuhadae Uhad Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

16 Urs of Hazrat Aurangzeb Alamgir(Rehmatullahalaih) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram India

17 Urs of Hazrat Ameer Khusro(Rehmatullahalaih) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram Delhi

20 Syedah Ruqayaah(Radi Allah Anha) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram ---

22 Imam Jaffar Saadiq(Radi Allah Anhu) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram Madina Munawwarah

23 Urs of Hazrat Sayed Ali Jilani(Rehmatullahalaih) Shawwal-ul-Mukaram Baghdad Shareef


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