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This website is the independent effort to pay regards to Aulia Karam. We are the negligible particles of the shoe-sands of Aulia Karam. We have NO direct or official relation to any organization, therefore, we DO NOT provide any service to become Mureed (bai'at) in any silsila, please contact the respective organizations run by those slasil. Please do not ask us to remove specific Aulia Karam (visible or invisible) from our website because we have our own way to get guidance and approval which we do not consider it important to share with general public. The phrase 'Rehmatullah Alaih' can be used with all Aulia Karam either they are physically present or have acheived the 'wisaal'. For the beginners, its a quick tip that there is no practical difference between the lives & deaths of Aulia Allah. Please do not advise us to change it.


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